Project scope consists of roadway widening and resurfacing, curb and gutter, sidewalks, storm sewer, water main, intersection signalization, pedestrian signal improvements, street lighting, and parkway restoration. The project improvements include:

· Additional and improved turn lanes at Chestnut/Waukegan and Glenwood Waukegan intersections
· Sidewalk replacement
· Storm sewer extensions
· Modernized traffic and pedestrian signal installation
· Driveway closures and reconfiguration
· Pavement will be widened and resurfaced
· Street lighting replacement

Project Timeline
April 2013 – Start of Construction
November 2013 – End of Construction

Friday, November 15, 2013

Asphalt Surface Paving On-Going and Complete Soon.

This past week Berger Excavating was on-site performing manhole adjustments within the asphalt pavement in preparation for asphalt surface paving. Berger Excavating also began landscape grading and general site clean-up prior to topsoil installation.

Peter Baker, the paving sub-contractor, was on-site installing the surface layer of various asphalt driveways along the project site. The contractor started on the north end of the project on the west side of the street and completed the asphalt driveways to Chestnut Avenue.

Peter Baker began paving the asphalt surface along Waukegan Road on Friday, November 15th. The contractor will continue to pave the asphalt surface along Waukegan Road, Chestnut Avenue, Jefferson Avenue, and Pleasant Lane on Saturday, November 16th. Depending on weather, the asphalt roadway paving should be completed by Monday, November 18th. The paving sub-contractor should have all asphalt driveway paving completed by mid-week.

Elmund Nelson, the electrical contractor, was on-site last week continuing to install the street lighting and traffic signal systems, including installing the detector loops for the traffic signals within the pavement.

Next week, Peter Baker will complete the remaining asphalt paving of the roadways and driveways.

Berger Excavating will be on-site continuing to grade the existing landscape and perform general site clean-up.

Precision Pavement Marking is scheduled to be on-site mid-week to perform the pavement striping along the entire project site.

Berquist, the concrete sub-contractor, will be on-site pouring some additional concrete sidewalk that was skipped previously due to other work in the area.

Elmund Nelson will be on-site continuing to install the street lighting and traffic signal systems. Once the asphalt pavement is installed and pavement markings are completed, the temporary traffic signal timings will be adjusted to a more favorable condition to allow better turning movements. The electrical sub-contractor may also begin re-installing the street lights along the roadway.

We apologize for the lengthy delays the past few weeks as the contractor has been working within the driving lanes on a more consistent basis. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the construction operations. We understand it has been a long construction project and navigating through the intersection has been difficult throughout the summer and fall. The traffic congestion should be reduced in the near future as the project is nearing the end.