Project scope consists of roadway widening and resurfacing, curb and gutter, sidewalks, storm sewer, water main, intersection signalization, pedestrian signal improvements, street lighting, and parkway restoration. The project improvements include:

· Additional and improved turn lanes at Chestnut/Waukegan and Glenwood Waukegan intersections
· Sidewalk replacement
· Storm sewer extensions
· Modernized traffic and pedestrian signal installation
· Driveway closures and reconfiguration
· Pavement will be widened and resurfaced
· Street lighting replacement

Project Timeline
April 2013 – Start of Construction
November 2013 – End of Construction

Friday, August 16, 2013

This week Berger Excavating repaired a sanitary sewer main from the east side of Waukegan Road to the center of Waukegan Road.  The remainder of this sanitary sewer repair will be made when construction operations have switched to the west side of Waukegan Road.  Berger Excavating also completed water main installation on Chestnut Ave.  Additionally, Berger’s concrete subcontractor, Berquist & Zimmerman, continued curb and gutter, sidewalk and driveway installation on the east side of Waukegan Road from Woodlawn Ave. north to approximately 150 feet south of Ammer Road.


Next week Berger Excavating will pressure test and chlorinate the new water main on Chestnut Ave.  Berquist & Zimmerman will continue concrete curb and gutter and sidewalk installation on the east side of Waukegan Road.  Also, next week Berger’s asphalt subcontractor, Peter Baker & Sons, will  be onsite installing asphalt driveways and asphalt base course between the edge of the existing pavement and the new curb.  During driveway paving operations businesses will be restricted to one driveway until the asphalt has cooled off.  After completion of asphalt base course, Berquist & Zimmerman will complete all of the remaining sidewalk on the east side of Waukegan Road. 


Late next week or the following week, Berger Excavating is scheduled to shift construction operations to the west side of Waukegan Road.  Construction operations on the west side of Waukegan Road will require daily lane closures similar to the work on the east side of Waukegan Road.  Thank you for your patience during construction.